La commande 'xiv_devlist' est fournie avec le paquet 'Host Attachement Kit', par exemple 'IBM_XIV_Host_Attachment_Kit_2.1.0.1-b1719_AIX.tar'.


Un exemple de sortie :

# xiv_devlist

XIV Devices
Device       Size (GB)  Paths  Vol Name               Vol ID  XIV ID   XIV Host
/dev/hdisk0  34.4       4/4    Serveur1_rootvg  97      7861238        Serveur1

Non-XIV Devices
Device  Size (GB)  Paths

Il est possible d'afficher la liste au format CSV par la commande 

# xiv_devlist -t csv
is xiv device,device,size (gb),paths,vol name,vol id,xiv id,xiv host,

La syntaxe est donnée ci-dessous:

# xiv_devlist -h
Usage: xiv_devlist [options]

Use the xiv_devlist utility to display volume and additional information.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t OUT, --out=OUT     Choose output method: tui, csv, xml (default: tui)
  --no-headers          Choose how to display the output: with or without the
                        headers (default: with headers). Can be used only with
                        -t csv
  -f OUTFILE, --file=OUTFILE
                        File name to output to (instead of STDOUT). Can be
                        used only with -t csv/xml
  -o FIELDS, --options=FIELDS
                        Choose which fields to display in the output; Comma-
                        separated, no spaces. Use -l to see the list of fields
  -l, --list-fields     List available fields for the -o option
  -H, --hex             Display XIV volume and machine IDs in hexadecimal base
  -u SIZE_UNIT, --size-unit=SIZE_UNIT
                        The size unit to use (e.g. MB, GB, TB, MiB, GiB, TiB)
                        Enforce a multipathing framework <auto|native|veritas>
  -x, --xiv-only        Display only XIV devices
  -d, --debug           Enable debug logging
  -V, --version         Display the Host Attachment Kit (HAK) version number

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