La commande 'vol_resize' du mode "ligne de commande" permet de redimensionner un volume déjà défini dans une baie XIV.


  La syntaxe est :   "# vol_resize vol=volname  size=Size_GB"

  Le volume doit déjà exister.

Ci-dessous la syntaxe officielle de la commande.


Resizing a Volume

Resizes a volume.

vol_resize vol=VolName  < size=GB | size_blocks=BLOCKS >
[ shrink_volume=<yes|no> ] [ force_on_inactive_mirror=<yes|no> ]


vol Object name The name of the volume to be resized. Y  
size   The new volume size. N  
size_blocks   New size of volumes in number of blocks. N  
shrink_volume Boolean Must be specified asyesif the new size is smaller than the current size. N No
Boolean forces resizing of a mirror peer even if mirroring is deactivated (this could happen when mirroring cannot be activated due to size mismatch) N No

This command resizes a volume.

The volume can be resized in either direction. However, whenever the volume is downsized, you have to specify this with shrink_volume="yes".

The new size of the volume is specified as an integer multiple of 109 bytes, but the actual new size of the volume is rounded up to the nearest valid size, which is an integer multiple of 16 x 230 bytes.

If the new size equals the current size, the command will succeed without changes to the volume.

The volume's address space is extended at its end to reflect the increased size, and the additional capacity is logically formatted (that is, zeros are returned for all read commands).

When resizing a regular volume (not a writable snapshot), all storage space that is needed to support the additional volume's capacity is reserved (static allocation). This guarantees the functionality and integrity of the volume, regardless of the resource levels of the volume's Storage Pool. The command fails if this reservation cannot be committed.

The volume's lock state must be unlocked when the command is issued, or otherwise the command fails.

  • Resizing a master volume does not change the size of its associated snapshots.
  • These snapshots can still be used to restore their individual master volumes.
  • The same goes for resizing a snapshot: it does not change the size of its master volume.

In the following example, the -y option suppresses the "ARE_YOU_SURE_YOU_WANT_TO_ENLARGE_VOLUME Y/N" prompt.

  • This parameter enables to force the resizing of a mirror peer even if mirroring is inactive (this could happen when the mirroring cannot be activated due to size mismatch).


vol_resize -y vol=DBVolume size=2500


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