Utiliser la commande ‘cg_list pour afficher la liste des Consistent groups existant.

Name           Pool Name              

CGroupe1       NONreplic_pool1 

CG2            Replic_pool_serveur1


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Listing Consistency Groups

Lists Consistency Groups.

cg_list [ cg=cgName ]


cg Object name Name of a Consistency Group. N All

This command lists select details for all Consistency Groups; if a Consistency Group name is specified, it is the only one to be listed.

Listed details include the following:
  • Name
  • Mirrored CG - indicates whether the Consistency Group is mirrored
    • Available values - Yes|No
  • Mirror sync status - indicates the status of the mirroring
    • Available values - RPO_OK|RPO_Lagging
  • CG role - the role of the peer
    • Available values - master|slave
IdNameDefault Position
name Name 1
pool Pool Name 2
mirrored Mirrored N/A


cg_list cg=DBgroup


Name     Pool Name Mirrored
DBgroup  default   Yes
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