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Voici ci-dessous les caractéristiques des prérequis nécessaires à l'installation d'une HMC dans une VM :

Installing the HMC virtual appliance

Learn how to install the Hardware Management Console (HMC) virtual appliance.

L'applicance HMC virtuelle supporte les plateformes de virtualisation suivantes :

  • Kernel-based virtual machine (KVM)
  • Xen
  • VMware
Minimum requirements for running the HMC virtual appliance:
  • 16 GB of memory

  • 4 virtual processors

  • 2 network interfaces (maximum of 4 allowed)

  • 1 disk drive that contains 500 GB of available disk space

    PowerVM virtualization hypervisor requires 160 GB of disk space (500 GB recommended). Multipath I/O (MPIO) disks are not supported.

    The minimum PowerVM processor requirement is 1.0 processing units and four shared virtual processors in capped sharing mode. Dedicated processor are not recommended. 16 GB of memory is recommended.

  1. The processor on the systems that host the HMC virtual appliance must be either an Intel VT-x or an AMD-V hardware virtualization-enabled processor.
  2. The HMC virtual appliance DVDs that you receive are not bootable. You must mount the media first and then copy the .tgz file from the media. The method to mount the DVD can vary depending on the operating system that you use.
  3. The command syntax that are used in the following examples can vary depending on the operating system that you u