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Voici ci-dessous les différents paramètres ou attributs disponible sur les unités ENT, suivant qu'il s'agit d'une carte virtuelle, SEA, Physique ou Etherchannel.



# CARTE SEA(Shared Ethernet Adapter)
# lsattr -El ent46
accounting    disabled    Enable per-client accounting of network statistics                 True
ctl_chan      ent23       Control Channel adapter for SEA failover                           True
gvrp          no          Enable GARP VLAN Registration Protocol (GVRP)                      True
ha_mode       auto        High Availability Mode                                             True
hash_algo     0           Hash algorithm used to select a SEA thread                         True
jumbo_frames  no          Enable Gigabit Ethernet Jumbo Frames                               True
large_receive no          Enable receive TCP segment aggregation                             True
largesend     0           Enable Hardware Transmit TCP Resegmentation                        True
lldpsvc       no          Enable IEEE 802.1qbg services                                      True
netaddr       0           Address to ping                                                    True
nthreads      7           Number of SEA threads in Thread mode                               True
pvid          4023        PVID to use for the SEA device                                     True
pvid_adapter  ent18       Default virtual adapter to use for non-VLAN-tagged packets         True
qos_mode      disabled    N/A                                                                True
queue_size    8192        Queue size for a SEA thread                                        True
real_adapter  ent45       Physical adapter associated with the SEA                           True
thread        1           Thread mode enabled (1) or disabled (0)                            True
virt_adapters ent18,ent19 List of virtual adapters associated with the SEA (comma separated) True

# lsattr -El ent18
alt_addr       0x000000000000 Alternate Ethernet Address                 True
chksum_offload yes            Checksum Offload Enable                    True
copy_buffs     32             Transmit Copy Buffers                      True
copy_bytes     65536          Transmit Copy Buffer Size                  True
desired_mapmem 0              I/O memory entitlement reserved for device False
max_buf_huge   64             Maximum Huge Buffers                       True
max_buf_large  64             Maximum Large Buffers                      True
max_buf_medium 256            Maximum Medium Buffers                     True
max_buf_small  2048           Maximum Small Buffers                      True
max_buf_tiny   2048           Maximum Tiny Buffers                       True
min_buf_huge   24             Minimum Huge Buffers                       True
min_buf_large  24             Minimum Large Buffers                      True
min_buf_medium 128            Minimum Medium Buffers                     True
min_buf_small  512            Minimum Small Buffers                      True
min_buf_tiny   512            Minimum Tiny Buffers                       True
trace_debug    no             Trace Debug Enable                         True
use_alt_addr   no             Enable Alternate Ethernet Address          True

# lsattr -El ent45
adapter_names   ent10,ent2     EtherChannel Adapters                           True
alt_addr        0x000000000000 Alternate EtherChannel Address                  True
auto_recovery   yes            Enable automatic recovery after failover        True
backup_adapter  NONE           Adapter used when whole channel fails           True
hash_mode       src_dst_port   Determines how outgoing adapter is chosen       True
interval        long           Determines interval value for IEEE 802.3ad mode True
mode            8023ad         EtherChannel mode of operation                  True
netaddr         0              Address to ping                                 True
noloss_failover yes            Enable lossless failover after ping failure     True
num_retries     3              Times to retry ping before failing              True
retry_time      1              Wait time (in seconds) between pings            True
use_alt_addr    no             Enable Alternate EtherChannel Address           True

# Carte Physique
$ lsattr -El ent10
alt_addr       0x000000000000   Alternate ethernet address                              True
busintr        86946            Bus interrupt level                                     False
busmem         0xffca0000       Bus memory address                                      False
chksum_offload yes              Enable hardware transmit and receive checksum           True
delay_open     no               Enable delay of open until link state is known          True
flow_ctrl      yes              Enable Transmit and Receive Flow Control                True
intr_priority  3                Interrupt priority                                      False
ipv6_offload   yes              Enable large send and checksum offload for IPv6 packets True
jumbo_frames   no               Transmit jumbo frames                                   True
large_receive  yes              Enable receive TCP segment aggregation                  True
large_send     yes              Enable hardware transmit TCP resegmentation             True
media_speed    Auto_Negotiation Media speed                                             True
receive_proc   16               RX packets processed before PIO to adapter              True
rx_bds_done    5                RX packets before RX interrupt                          True
rx_coalesce    16               Receive packet coalesce count                           True
rx_hog         1000             RX buffers processed per RX interrupt                   True
rx_ticks_done  50               Clock ticks before RX interrupt                         True
rxdesc_que_sz  1024             RX descriptor queue size                                True
slih_hog       10               Max Interrupt events processed per interrupt            True
tx_bds_done    0                TX buffers used before TX done interrupt                True
tx_que_sz      8192             Software transmit queue size                            True
tx_ticks_done  1023             Clock ticks before TX interrupt                         True
txdesc_que_sz  512              TX descriptor queue size                                True
use_alt_addr   no               Enable alternate ethernet address                       True